Before and After

We know many of you always want to know what happened to a certain dog you saw on our FB page. We are dedicating this page to all of you who have been fans of the rescue and to those who have donated to the rescue to help a certain dogs or many dogs over time.

First up is the young pup found in a water logged ditch on an AL roadway. She had been hit by a vehicle and was so injured she could not even pull herself up to get out of the water. A passerby, by chance saw her, and got her to safety and then Heidi’s Legacy stepped in. The news was not good.

Back broken L5, L7-S1, L11 & 12, cracked spleen, several breaks to pelvis, and a broken front leg. Some vertebrae are also out of alignment. $13,000 later, she was put back together and was adopted by one of the surgical techs who cared for her.

#1 Samantha after rescued from ditch and at vet office. #2 After surgery #3 Now

Samantha found in ditchafter surgerysamantha now heidi 2






Ares found almost hairless lying in dirt. His biggest problems were his ears: ear canals swollen bilaterally, TM’s unable to visualize at this time. Profuse yellow, purulent debris AU, cytology: rods++++, cocci +++, and yeast in both ears. Months of treatment later, Ares in now happy and healthy and living with his forever family.

#1 Ares found in dirt #2 Ares up for adoption

ares in dirtares up for adoption