Urgent foster or adopter needed for Reba

German Shepherd Dog - Adult - Female
Adoptable Large

We are looking for foster to adopt for beautiful Reba.

Reba just finished weaning her litter of puppies and she is ready to move into a foster to adopt home.

Reba prefers the company of human females. She’d be fine with another dog, probably same size is best.

Reba is a younger female that just hasn’t had a chance to be a happy young dog. She’s been bred at least twice in her 2-3 years and hasn’t been taken care of. In fact, we don’t think she ever received much human contact at all. She is understandably a little nervous around people, especially men. Despite that she has such a sweet nature. She loves to have her ears rubbed and her head scratched. She doesn’t seem to be aggressive at all. Just very shy. She’s a great guard dog and barks when she hears something around her home. She does enjoy playing tug with rope toys. We don’t think she has ever had much if any playtime or toys. She still takes her toys and treats and hides them away as though someone will come take them.

She is very loyal to those she comes to trust. She was a great mom to her puppies and now it’s time for her to live her best life. Once she is in a good home an. She doesn’t show any aggression towards other dogs. Her foster family absolutely loves her but feels that for her to be her happiest they might not be her best choice since they are a multiple dog home and she really needs the attention and one on one time, to help her come out of her shell. One other dog her same size would probably be great for her too. We strongly feel this little girl is worth the extra time for someone because she really deserves to know the people can be kind and loving.

Adoption fee is $300 includes all vetting.

To apply to foster or adopt adoption, please fill out app at


Thank you for completing the application. We are all volunteers and short on time, we will contact you back only if we have more questions or your application is approved and you will be invited to meet the dog. We apologize for not being able to answer everyone back.

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2. Application check, vet check, etc

3. Invitation to meet the dog(s).

4. Adoption Contract

5. Bring treats