German Shepherd Dog - Adult - Male
Adoptable Large Spayed/Neutered

Update from foster mom Lexi.

Tricks known: Sit Shake Bow No Come on Wait Okay Leave it Back Ball Get it Down Excellent manners! When at the table he’ll sniff but is mostly interested in getting attention. He will lay down near you until your done. If he wanders just call him and than he’ll stay with you where he is most comfortable. Walks well on a leash. Does his business quickly as he is not a fan of the sun. Loves to walk. Loves to play ball. Excellent retriever! Will put the ball in you hand or lap and backs up when asked. Occasionally entertains himself with the ball bouncing it and catch it in the air like a pro until he feels like sharing or if you can’t play at the moment. Doesn’t like to be alone. He won’t relax unless he can see or hear your voice. Very good in the car. He’s still figuring out it’s easier to sit or lay down rather than stand and try to balance or surf through the motion. Great listener. Easily diverted from anything thing you don’t want him to do. Just wants to be reassured he’s the best most special boy around. We’re working on him around cats, though he still seems a bit too eager to say hi. So probably not the best idea to be in a home with them.


Update 3/25 Oggy is looking good, hair growing in great.

Sweet boy. Follows you around. Crating not needed, he is not destructive.

Best guess on age is 5-6 years old.

Adoption fee $300


Foster or foster to adopt needed for Oggy right away.

He needs TLC, but rescue will pay for.

To apply to foster, foster to adopt or adopt , please fill out app at


Thank you for completing the application. We are all volunteers and short on time, we will contact you back only if we have more questions or your application is approved and you will be invited to meet the dog. We apologize for not being able to answer everyone back.

For more information contact Lenore.d@heidislegacydogrescue.com

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