Courtesy post for owner – Ghost

American Bulldog - Shepherd - Adult - Male
Adoptable Large Spayed/Neutered

Courtesy post for owner

Heidi’s Legacy has not seen nor evaluated this dog. This is not a Heidi’s Legacy dog. We are just courtesy posting this dog for his owner.
Below is his story.

Ghost is a special dog, I found him at about 6 months and he was very timid and scared. I am guessing that he has come from a difficult past but he has been in my care in a loving home for the past two years. He lives with two small female boston terriers and one male boston. He does not do well with other male dogs who are aggressive especially when they growl and initiate a fight. He does better with less dominant dogs.

He takes a minute to warm up to people but once he knows that you are a good person, he is the most loving dog that I have ever known. He loves to cuddle, He also loves dinner time. He runs around all day with his metal bowl in his mouth. It like a security blanket that everyone find odd. It’s the cutest thing ever next to his extremely oversized erect ears.

He is very protective of the home and is timid at first with strangers until you give him the clear that they are not a threat. He will sniff them a little and may growl a little but has never ever attacked anyone. 2 minutes later he is fine.

We do not have small children but he’s had little exposure to children over the age of 8 and he was doing well.

It is with Immense amount of sadness that I cannot keep ghost because I am moving far and he has not been getting along with our initial male dog and I cannot leave him with my mother who is keeping the other three dogs. I am also leaving the country. It really breaks my heart I really hope to find him a good home. He really deserves it. I have until August to find placement or I will have to put him down. He doesn’t do well in a public pound and is very scared making him cage aggressive therefore unadoptable and I cant have him put to sleep alone after such trauma. I would rather him home and calm if need me unfortunately. Im sure you can only imagine how this makes me feel. I am sad and scared beyond belief.

I will provide his large crate and everything he needs including beds, toys, collar, leash, bowls and two very large bags of food. He is up to date with all of his shot as of June 2017 and he is neutered.

Please come meet this beautiful boy. I promise you will fall in love.

He will love you knowing you gave him now a third chance.

​Rehoming fee of $75

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